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Year 2015:- 

1] How to identifies Hash type if password is hashed - Step by step entire process for beginner 

2] How to Reset Burp Suite completely

3] Bypass Captcha Verification in Chrome, Firefox Automatically

4] John the Ripper password cracking tool - How to use Step by step guide

5] Burp suite not capturing https traffic & Burp Certificate issue

6] How To Fix Error Message : In Order To Configure TCP/IP , You Must Install And Enable Network Adapter Error In Windows

7] Nessus - How to do full port Scan + Installation steps for nessus

8] Scan multiple IP address by using Home feed version of Nessus

9]  Set up Burp Suite in Proxy Server environment - Intercept Traffic from Internet

10] WAMP server does not turn GREEN

11] SQL Injection Exploitation using SQLmap

12] Cross Site Request Forgery - Anti-CSRF token bypass

13] WAMP shows error 'MSVCR100.dll' is missing when install

14] How To Find Sub-domains Using subbrute Tool

15] Different ways to use sqlmap

Year 2016:- 

1] Testing .jar based application

2] How to use Fiddler When Burp Not working

3] How to Install Genymotion and Installing google play store in Genymotion

4] How To Bypass SSL Pinning

5] Zero to Hero - Mobile Application Testing - Android Platform

6] How to test storage related findings

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