John the Ripper password cracking tool - How to use Step by step guide

I will give 1min theory lec on this first :P

John the Ripper is free open source password cracking tool for Linux , Unix and Mac OS X .
A windows version is also available.
This tool can detect weak password .

Refer this link:

Note: If you are downloading the windows version then make sure your Antivirus software is off other wise it will block it .

So lets start practical how to use john the ripper .

First of all you all know it is password cracking tool i will take one example here to demonstrate how it crack the password :
I am using bWAPP ;)

                                                                         Fig -1

Soon i will be uploading all bWAPP solution ;)
Urhh where we are ?? okk so we have password hash
The user name is bee and password is in hash ..

NOTE: Now this is hash so how to check which hashing type its using  So we will first identifie the  Hash type

How to do that ..well i have alredy made a blog for that pls refer this link below :

I am using John the ripper in kali :

1) where it is in kali ?

Now copy the hash value as shown in fig -1 and save it in the notepad.

==> Time to crack this hash

root@Shield:~# john /root/Desktop/john.txt --format=raw-sha1

Note: /root/Desktop/john.txt is my directory where i have save this file

As we came to know the hash is basically sha1, so i we will use --format=raw-sha1

So here we got the password ;)

Happy hacking ;)

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