How to identifies Hash type if password is hashed - Step by step entire process for beginner .

Many a time password are in hash format to crack the hash we prefer password cracking tool such as john the ripper , cain and abel and many more .

But here our scope is how to identify the hash type so we will deep dive into it lets start .

Now in order to find out which hash type is, you need to download hash-identifier :-

Note :- hash-identifier is basically written in python so after downloading to use this file make sure you have installed python on your machine, if you have installed then it will work if not then download python as follow :-
Go to this link and download the setup file

You can download either of the version as require by you .

So where we are ? 

We have to find out hash type ==> So we first need to download hash-identifier ==> As its written in python we downloaded python software .

now open the python file hash-identifier :-

So we need to put hash value here..

To give real time example i have used bWAPP password hash which i will put here .
If you dont know bWAPP ==> refer this

We have hash now so we will put this hash in Hash-identifier 

So the password hash is basically SHA-1 :) 

ummm you have a password hash well wana crack tht ??

I will use john the ripper Now you dont know how to use john the ripper no worries i have you can refer my this blog :)


Password is bug .

Moral of the story :-

In order to crack the password if it is in hash format then make sure you know the type of hash it is .

After finding the hash type you can crack with any password cracking tool .
Here we have used john the ripper .

Happy hacking ;) N

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