How to download youtube video without downloading any software

Hi all ,today i will demonstrate you how to download you tube video without downloading any kind of software .

Follow the below steps :-

1) Select the video which you want to download
  In my case i have selected video

2) Now you can see the video URL in step-1 

Replace the https://www.   ===> with ss and press enter i.e 

Video URL :-

Replace https://www. with ss 

New URL :-

3) Press enter and you can see this page 

4) Now here you will get the best quality video to download
   Select the either MP4360p or MP4 720P, as 720 pixel will give better video quality so ill click on         that. Once you click there you can able to download the video .:)

Note :

1) If you are at a school or job that is blocking YouTube, these steps may not work 

2)What about a private video?
You cannot download private videos because the YouTube download service will not have the necessary rights to access the video.

3)Caution: These services can be used to save any flash videos online and can be used to save adult related videos, which means when viewing these pages, you may be subjected to adult related content.

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