How to combine all .vcf files to single .vcf files manually

Vcard and Vcf :

In general to back up our phone contacts/or to import our contact from one device to another device we generally use “VCARD” feature.By using this feature we can back up our phones contacts.

vCards(.vcf files) are very important part of our life because we all are using some kind of mobiles, smart cellphones, PDA devices, iPhones, Tabbing Devices plus our online email accounts In general after Vcard conversion all contacts are converted into individual (vcf) files .

If we want import over 200 contacts from Outlook/Exchange/mobile vcard  into Google Contacts, with their photos we can convert multiple .vcf files into single vcf files by using COMMAND prompt.Now a days so many mobiles having vcardas inbuilt feature.

I have made this post because the people who are migrating from normal phone to smart phone this thing is necessary.

Steps to Bulk Import (Merge/combine) vCards into One Contact List(Single .vcf file)
Here is my setup

Step 1:-  First Copy all your .vcf  contacts into one Folder/directory.
(In my case I have moved all contact to c drive under Nilesh_Data_C => Test DATA) 

=>Fig 1

=> Fig-2

Note : if you can observe my all contact size is maximum up to 1 KB , once I will combine all contact to one that will be our main combined vcf file

Step 2:- Open Windows command prompt (Windows + R),and then type “CMD” to open command prompt and navigate to the destination folder where all your contact files are stored (you can type CD YOUR PATH command to reach to your destination).

Note : in CMD to move from one directory to another follow this
=> cd.. -> press enter you will move to one step down to directory
=> cd space the directory name to move to that particular directory

=> d: --> press enter to come in to your respective drive in my case its d drive

Step 3 :- Once you are in the directory where you have saved your all the .vcf files follow this command
=>copy *.vcf  all_contact.vcf
=> And press enter  
Once you press enter you can see all_contact.vcf file will be generated with size more than the size of your all contact and you have your file with all contacts in it.
Now you can upload this file on your mobile phone or on Google account (Gmail and import it )
Enjoy ;) 

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