Bypass Captcha Verification in Chrome, Firefox Automatically

We often encounter human verification (CAPTCHA) inside registration pages, comment sections, or any other kinds of submission forms. But, dealing with CAPTCHAs every time we try to fill out any forms, is a frustrating job. Sometimes, we do not recognize some letters in a certain CAPTCHA.

Rumola, a new browser addon, will be helpful in this situation which lets you bypass captcha verification and automatically fills the captcha codes in websites.

How to Bypass Captcha verification using Rumola

Open an account at Rumola. (you’ll get 10 free trials at registration)

Install the addon required for your browser.

For Chrome  :

For Firefox :

After installing the addon, restart your browser if required and once the plugin is activated, it will automatically start filling captchas for you.

Demo time :

Fig -1 Showing browser extension for chrome- Rumola

Fig -2 

Fig 3

Fig -4 Automatically CAPTCHA generated 

Conclusion : You can bypass any CAPTCHA but one thing to note is its not free so make sure you are using your trial version on testing some critical application.

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