How to Reset Burp Suite completely

if mistakenly you have done any setting in burp suite and you are not able to revert on the same then you can either reset entire burp suite or you can manually reset particular fields.

=> I will show you both the way 

1) Resetting particular field 

Suppose i have to reset Intercept Client Request field in burp then follow below steps:

Fig 1:- Resetting Intercept Client request 

Fig 2 : Click on the arrow as shown in above 

Similarly you can reset any field on which you have done changes.

2) Resetting entire burp suite

In order to reset entire burp suite setting follow below steps 

Go to help-->  Clear burp from computer

         Fig 3 

Fig -4 

Fig -5 Only select 2 fields

As shown in Fig 5 only select Remove temporary files and Remove saved preferences, after that click on Next .

Just close your burp suite and start again.

After doing this your entire burp setting will be reset to default.

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