How to download video from

So you want to collect the video from security tube OR you facing issue while downloading video from security tube so here i will be sharing easy steps to do that :-

Note : If you visiting and watching security tube video than most of videos will be played on vimeo

1) Select the video which you want to download from

2) Now you need to click on vimeo

Note : Inst-ed of vimeo if you can see youtube then click on that and refer my blog (how to download youtube video )

3) Once you will click on vimeo as shown in step 2 you will redirect to vimeo site as below :-

4) Now you need to open another tab and go to save video

5) Now Copy the URL from vimeo site and paste it on  .

Now in my case vimeo URL will be copy this URL and paste it on

6) Once you will click on download option below page will appear. Click on download this video file     and you have your video 

Note :  After clicking on download the video file if you are redirecting to some another page then on that right click and save as :-


    enjoy ;) 

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