A Story Of How I Landed On Dating Site and Secured it

Hi Everyone,

This was the short story of how I Protected/Secured one of Indian Dating Site.

The Story started when I heard the news that Ashley Madison, an American most prominent dating website, has been hacked by Hacker.

After this breach they publicly announced below news :-

Well After reading the whole story I was like Dating Websites, What about in India ?
Do India have such Dating Sites ??
The answer is MANY:-

So I started searching top dating applications/sites which is popular in India. And here I found it.
I Installed the application and tried using it. Well being an single and testing dating application is really fun :D
So lets see If I can find any girl of my type :P

While my research was going on I came to know that they are using web module for authentication and chatting with other peoples same as mobile application :D
So I jumped into their web portal/site to find how that web site looks.

You won't believe, but this is the fact that this days when I see any Application or Site or Anything I see it as

So my Girl hunting was ON :P
And there it is I found some critical bugs on their site which can easily leads to full account takeover of many users even admin user also.

Now for me to takeover any user account is pretty easy task. But Being a White Hat Hacker I have to secure that dating site. Before the bad guy takes advantage of this. So my target is to responsibly submit this bug/Issues to site owner and tell them to fix it.

Before we go further please follow this Note:

I found their CEO email address and all the details of their company. So I wrote nice email stating all the details of bug.

Emailed to the CEO -   Time: Jul 22 at 10:50AM
Got reply                 -   Time: Jul 22 at 10:53AM  <= See the time ;)

After exchanging a few emails.. Someone from their team send me below email:


That was not expected, Awesome isn't it ;)

Lets come back to Reporting part. So I  Reported all the bugs as follow:-

Proof Of Concept:-

I found that their entire web application was vulnerable to XSS. Not 1-2 but bunch of many XSS.
XSS on Login,Signup, Visitors profile it was everywhere.

That time I was thinking about ashar javed tweet.

Ashar javed said:-

After finding XSS I came to know they have not protected user cookie value i.e
No HttpOnly Flag set in cookie :D

So next step you know very well #Session Hijacking  + Full account takeover :D

Also, I reported many other low hanging fruit as a findings.

Action taken by them:- 
After my all the submission. I asked them whether they patched bug or not. The action taken from their end
1] Removed Signup Option
2] Removed  Login Page module

 They fixed my all the bug in short duration of time.

 So Finally I got Appreciation Letter, Good money :D and #RESPECT  But my status remained  Single :P


If you are hacker then use your hacking skill to protect other user, you never know jesus will bless you like this.

I would like to thanks company CEO and their team who took security very seriously and Fixed all the bugs so quickly.

Thanks you for reading :)

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