Set up Burp Suite in Proxy Server environment - Intercept Traffic from Internet

In this session we will learn how we can setup burp suite for capturing request under proxy server environment.

1) You are using Proxy Server for internet access
2) You need to capture request from internet facing web site 

Then below configuration you need to do for capturing request in burp for internet facing application.

Below Figure shows you have setup where you are using multiple proxy server


1) First step is to set your browser on localhost proxy server i.e

2) Same setup you need to do on your burp suite.

Proxy ==> Options = > Click on Edit = > put and port 8080 (this should be same as your browser)

3) Now you need to add Upstream Proxy server 

 4) Now In your burp suite got to

Options =>Connections=>Upstream Proxy Server => click on ADD

5) Now following information you need to put in the field

Destination host: * (put as es-trick) OR domain name example
Proxy host         : IP address of your proxy server
Port number     : Give the port number (most of the time its listen on port 80)
Authentication type : NTMLv2
Username : Give your domain username
Password  : Give your domain password
Domain : Your company domain
Hostname : Keep it as blank

6) After adding upstream proxy

7) After doing above setting in your burp try to browse and capture internet facing site request in your burp.

Thank you. Hope it helps you.

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