Scan multiple IP address by using Home feed version of Nessus

As you all know if you are using Nessus Home Feed version  then you can scan only 16 IP address 

What if you have to scan 16 IP address ? 

Follow below instructions :

Setup : 

1) Make sure you install nessus on VM machine (Use Kali linux or Backtrack)

2) After Installing Nessus Home Feed version on your VM machine (Kali Linux) do the following:-
   (1) Right Click on Kali Linux ==>(2) Select Snapshot ==> (3) Click on Take Snapshot 

3) After Clicking on Take Snapshot =>Give the snapshot name as required by you (I have given name as VA_SCAN_updated plugin_1)

4) Now you can see Kali Linux image is saved as VA_SCAN_updated plugin_1.

5) Now you have image of kali linux VA_SCAN_updated plugin_1  in which you have installed nessus,

6) Now do your scanning upto 16 ip address after completing your scanning for 16 IP you need not have to uninstall and re-install nessus again.
Just you have to select the Snapshot which you have saved i.e VA_SCAN_updated plugin_1 (This state will be your kali linux state where you have installed Nessus in the beginning)

5) YES you can now again scan for 16 ip address and so on ;)

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