How to Block Games Notifications On Facebook

If you are frustrated getting notification on Facebook from your friends so now no need to tell him/her personally OR no need to block / unfriend your friend just follow simple steps and stop receiving notification for games / application etc..

Follow below instruction :

Step 1 : Go to your Facebook profile setting

Step 2: Click on Blocking option under settings

Step 3: Under Blocking you will find 3 important option for blocking various things 

=> Blocking app invite : This is for blocking app request from your friend 

=> Block event invites : This is for blocking event invites from your friend

=> Block Apps : For blocking particular application 

Step 4: Under Block app invites just type your friend name who sends you various gaming or other application request, don't worry he/she will not be block from your friend list but just their app request going to be block. 

Step 5:  DONE, now you will no longer receive any game or app request from your friends 

Thanks for reading.

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