How to uninstall program using command prompt (cmd)

Hello Friends,

Long time after i came here and thinking of write something useful for you guys. Ok! Today we will learn how we can uninstall any software by using command prompt or cmd.

You must be thinking that i can easily do it by going in to control panel but what if your control panel it self not opening. I came across such senarios and thought to write this blog post.

So lets start

Step 1: Open you command prompt

To open cmd:
click on Start -> Run --> type cmd and hit enter

Step 2: In windows to go to c drive we type cd.. as shown below

Step 3: Now we have to go in system 32 directory so the command will be
cd directory name
so in our case it will be
First cd Windows and then cd System 32 as shown below

Step 4: After we are in System32 directory below commands we will run

1) Now type wmic
wmic will use for uninstalling the program

2) product get name
Above command  will display all the software which are installed on your machine

Step 5: Now above figure output will give you all the software which are installed in your machine
Select the software which you wanted to uninstall in my case i want to uninstall java version 8

So my command will be
product where name="Software_name_which_you_want_to_uninstall" call uninstall

product where name="Java SE Development Kit 8 (64-bit)" call uninstall

And hit enter

After hitting enter it will confirm you wheather you want to unstall or not

Execute (\\PC_NAME\ROOT\CIMV2:Win32_Product.IdentifyingNumber="{64A3A4F4-B792-11D6-A78A-00B0D0180000}",Name="Java SE Development Kit 8 (64-bit)",Version="8.0.0")->Uninstall() (Y/N/?)?

Well i want to uninstall so i say Y,you can select according to your requirement.

Below figure states we have successfully uninstalled java version 8.
Similarly you can uninstall any software which you may not able to uninstall via control panel.

I hope this helps you.

Cheers (y)

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