Xperia L Internal Storage issue - .thumbnails consuming GB's

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This is totally different blog i am writing which is not related to security stuff or IT related stuff but for those who using Xperia L device this post might helps you a lot. Recently while doing application testing i faced some issue where i was not able to install any application on my phone due to less size in my internal storage and came across this issue so thought to write blog for this :)


Generally if you are Xperial L user you will face some issue related to your internal storage memory.
Which states that your internal memory is full.

So in this case, in your internal storage there are some default files which are created automatically and it's of no use. Because of that automatically generated files this issues arising.
Below is the path where that unusable files got created.
Storage==> sdcard0==>DCIM ==> .thumbnails

Note in my case i am using Xperia L device with below specification:
Model number: C2104
Android:           4.2.2
Build Number: 15.3.A.1.17

Nevertheless you can try this on any android version.


1] Root browser Application

Note: If your phone is not rooted then also this process will work.

So lets start step by step process how to resolve above issue.


Step 1: In your android device download Root browser Application

Step 2: After installing Root browser application go to below path
            i.e storage==> sdcard0==> DCIM

            Note: sdcard0 is your internal storage 

Step 3: Under DCIM you will find some unused file with GB or MB as below:

Now delete those files which are highlighted in above figure. Please note after deleting this file it may create again automatically. So this is kind of frustrating part for you as after deleting those files it will again automatically generated.

In order to stop this process follow Step 4

Step 4: After deleting those files you have to create one new file with name .thumbnails

1- Creating new file :

2-  Write down .thumbnails and press ok 

3-  So finally you have created .thumbnails file inside your internal storage --> DCIM.

Step 5: Now Reboot your Xperial-L device.

Yups all done,so from now onwards that GB's file will not be created and you will save your that much space.


I would like to thanks Michael Di , Matthew Sutton and Michal Štefan for their kindness and always being there to help and guide.

Also final comment if you are using Xperia L then do join Xperia L developer group on facebook 

If you like my blog then you can share this for those who came across this issue. 

Thanks for reading.

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