Without Internet what can we do with computer

Below are few things which you can do when you have no "Internet" connection

1-  Make your computer talk with you.

In this blog i will show you how you can write a piece of code to make your computer talk with you.

Well if you are not good in coding or you are not from technical background just follow simple steps below :-

Step 1: Open Notepad 

Step 2:-  Write down this code in your notepad file 

Dim Message, Speak
Message=InputBox("Enter Text","Spek")
Set Speak=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
Speak.Speak Message

It will look like this :-

Step 3:- Save the notepad file with .vbs extension

Step 4:- All done just open the file and enter what you want from your computer to speak. 

2- Find some details about your computer 

2.1 - Check your computer serial number 

Open your cmd and type below command
wmic bios get serialnumber 


To get all your computer details type below command

wmic computersystem get model,name,manufacturer,systemtype

2.2 Check your Physical Address (MAC address) of your computer

Open your cmd and type below command

getmac /v /fo list

I hope this helps. Thank you.

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