How to Invite all your Friends on Your Facebook Page in Single Click

Hi All,

If you have a Facebook page and when Inviting all of your friends to like your Facebook Page one-by-one takes a very long time and is not very hectic and time consuming work, which is why I’m going to teach you how to do it all in one go!

Before we start  -  You will require Google Chrome so if you don’t already have it you will need to install it.

Step by Step Process :- 

Step 1 :- Go to your Facebook Page using Google Chrome.
Please note that you will need to use your personal Facebook profile to invite all of your friends and not your Facebook Page profile.

Step 2:- Click on Invite friends to like this Page.

Step 3:- Once the box pops-up you will need to scroll to the very bottom of your friends list.
              Note :- To make this process faster just click on any of friends name and simply click on
              space-bar or down arrow button.

Please note I have already invited my friends hence its showing invited at right hand side.

Step 4:- Go to the address bar at the top of the screen and manually type in
             Note :- Use your current tab do not open another tab in your chrome browser

Step 5:- Copy and paste the code located here directly after javascript:
* Make sure you do not leave any spaces between javascript: and the code.

Below is the code :-

This will looks like this :-

So finally you saved your lots of  time inviting all your Facebook friends manually 😉

Did you successfully invite all of your friends to like your Facebook Page?

Cheers !!

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