Being a "Gujarati" myself OR you can say being a "Pure Vegetarian" we often come across these dreadly questions which definitely seems to be of utmost importance to people. This blog post will serve as an answer to all those fiascos, but first let’s listen out to those questions first.

How will you build muscles? You are a vegetarian, right? From where will you get your proteins?
Oh so you are a vegetarian, but you do eat chicken, right? What? Not even eggs? How are you alive?
What do you order when you go to restaurants? Just the ghaas phoos (common slang for leafy vegetables)? 
Ohh! So Paneer (cottage cheese) must be chicken for you, right?

There’s nothing wrong with eating flesh but only if you’re doing so in moderation, but research does show that vegetarians tend to be healthier overall, and even live longer.

Here are some other reasons vegetarians may outlive meat-lovers.

1. Low blood pressure

2. Lower risk of death

3. Less mood swings

4. Lesser chance of heart disease

5. Lower risk of cancer

6. Lower risk of diabetes

7. Less likely to be overweight

8. Lesser chance of heart disease

Hence, these are the few reasons why many people tend to be vegetarian instead, other than their religious sentiments. Also producing vegetarian food is more ecologically sustainable, and it even reduces damage to the environment. Many people also stop eating flesh for ideological, ethical, or religious reasons.

For the sake of awareness- “A vegetarian diet doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss – until and unless you are starving yourself” says Tallmadge. The only important thing for vegetarians to remember is to make sure they are getting enough of the key nutrients including 
- Protein
- Fatty acids
- Iron
- Zinc
- Iodine
- Calcium and vitamins D and B-12.

Moreover, there are many vegetarian products which are available in market for those who are often busy or do not feel confident about their cooking skills which include ready meals, vegetarian burgers, and sausages. Most restaurants now offer pure vegetarian options too. However, people who cook their own food can be sure of the quality of ingredients they use, also becoming a vegetarian may encourage people to improve their cooking skills.

We just have to make sure the food which we are eating gives us the wholesome diet required. Don't just focus on starches like grains, potatoes or breads which a lot of vegetarians do. Focus on eating a fresh, whole-food diet, with plenty of green vegetables with fresh juice everyday, which is a great way to get more vitamins into our system. Vegetarianism is not as hard as people think, but in order to do it right, it does take some research and strong commitment to make wise food choices.

Moral Of the Story :-
  • Animals have soul just like humans. 
  • You can get the protein by eating vegetarian food like cottage cheese, lentils etcetera.
  • Patrik Baboumian :-  An Armenian German, says he has gained strength and a better ability to recover since making the switch to become a Vegetarian! So why not you?  
  • Yes, you will not die without eating non vegetarian food for sure, we are living examples of it XD 
So Next time if anyone asks you this question "How can you live without Non-veg" then you know exactly what to answer them. 

For GYM Goers and Protein lover.

Well here is a video which serves as a good comeback for all these MYTHS.

Video Credit

* El País Team for showing such amazing video and kudos for their effort in this video
* Patrik Baboumian 
* Thank you to motivate everyone. You are an inspiration to all of us 
Facebook Post  Credit :- @NeverGiveUpThoughts

The Last but not the least. 

Please note by this blog post I am not conveying anyone to stop eating non veg. It’s just my beliefs which I am sharing via this post. 

At the end of the day, we are the one who can bring change. 

Share this blog post and help them to get awareness about the facts.

Cheers ! 

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